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Things to Know Before Moving by the Sea

If you’re staring out of your window to snow, snow, and more snow, while daydreaming of living by the beach, why stop at daydreaming? Moving to the sea isn’t quite as tricky as you think. As long as you have a job in place and you don’t have a problem with higher prices, living by the ocean can be your exciting life story. Now, there are a few things to remember before you become an (employed) beach bum:

Grime on Cars 

Sea salt in the air creates a thick layer of grime on cars when they’re left out at night. You might need to stock up on windshield wiper fluid and car wash loyalty cards to keep your car clean. This grime can lead to rust, and damage your car, so don’t leave the salty film on there for very long.

Sea Rust 

The moisture in the air affects more than just cars. You can count on rust on your outdoor bikes and metal fixtures in your house, if these items are near open windows. Try to beat the rust by keeping your bikes wrapped in canvas indoors and wiping down your metal fixtures, when you see build up forming. You can always do a baking soda scrub, if things start getting out of hand.

Tourist Traffic and Parking 

The reasons you moved to the beach are the same reasons tourists like visiting the coast. Unless you live in a gated property, you may have to deal with tourists during the warm seasons. This means more traffic on the weekends and harder-to-find parking spots. If you can find a beach home or apartment with a designated parking spot, you’re golden.

Know Your Neighborhood

Not all beaches are hippy collectives. But then again, some are. Every beach is different, so you’ll want to do your research when you’re looking for something more laid-back and causal or a town more private and well kept.

To the sea, you go!