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Sports, Field Trips, and Play Dates: How to Help Your Kids Meet Their New BBFs

Moving your kids in the middle of the school year is no fun for the entire family. Your kids are obviously on edge from uprooting their lives and saying goodbye to their friends and familiarities, and no doubt you’re receiving the cold shoulder. Sure, they’re going to stew for a bit, but don’t worry, they won’t be scarred forever. If you’re especially concerned about your elementary-ages kids making friends, try a few of these tips to help them make their new BFF.

Sports and Activities 

Enrolling your children in art classes or team sports is a great way to help them feel part of a group. The other kids will love your son when he scores the winning goal, while your daughter’s dance class will be in awe of her perfected pirouette. When you sign your children up for team-based activities, they’ll quickly collaborate with the others, and make friends along the way.

Field Trips 

Ask around to find out where the local kids hang out. In the summer, the community pool may be the local hotspot, while the ice skating rink attracts the kids during the winter months. Bring your children to these spots and encourage them to join in on a game of “Sharks and Minnows,” or jump in during the “Hokey Pokey” on skates. Parks, basketball courts, and community centers are other common places where children gather.  

Other Parents 

Is your new colleague a mother of four? Or maybe your new boss has a child in the same age group as your kid. Take one for the team, and arrange a get together where the parents can relax and the children can meet. If you’re uncomfortable inviting your boss over for a BBQ, see if you can arrange a “kids only” play date at your home. While this might be alright now, just don’t try setting up your kids as they get older!