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Preparing for Puppyhood

Sometimes all you need is a wet nose and wagging tail to make your new home officially feel like home. If you are financially and emotionally prepared to take in a little four-legged pup, follow these tips to help prepare your new home for a new family member. 

Newspaper, and lots of it!

Perhaps first and foremost, you’ll want to stock up on plenty of newspaper and paper towels. Unlike a kitten, you can’t puppy-train your pup overnight. Housetraining is a long process, so you’ll want to ensure you stock up on cleaning supplies, such as carpet stain remover and sanitizers, along with wipes and gloves, too. 

Chew Toys

If you want to keep your shoes, slippers, and undies in pristine shape, treat your pup to plenty of chew toys! Just like teething children, puppies need something to chew on to keep them entertained. With that being said, don’t tempt them with your socks and sneakers scattered across the floor. When you want to keep your items teeth-mark-free, keep them out of your pup’s tiny paws. 

Crate and Pen

Until your four-legged furry baby can prove he’s well-behaved enough to wander around your home without leaving a trail, you’ll want to create a sectioned off area. Make his crate a cozy comfortable cave, or put up a baby gate in the kitchen where he can roam within his boundaries. And a word to the wise, place your pen on tile, in case your dog has an accident and you want a quick clean-up process. 

Invest in Obedience Training

Whether you’re a first time momma or you’re a seasoned dog owner, a little obedience never hurts. Enroll your furry one in puppy training classes, so you can both learn how to communicate and interact. This may also help show your dog who is the leader of the pack and encourage mutual respect. Speak to your class instructor if you have special areas you’d like to focus on with your puppy, too.