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How to Keep Your Storage Costs Low

When you’re searching on Affordable Moves for a storage facility in your neighborhood, keep these tips in mind for cheaper monthly rents. 

Store Only the Good Stuff

Don’t waste your money storing something you’ve only used once in the past five years and won’t use five years from now. Why waste your time packing, moving, and storing, when you are just going to throw it away or donate it in the future? Purge before you store. 

Get the Size You Truly Need

Overestimating the number of your things can cost you month after month. Remember you can stack boxes, and you won’t need access to certain items on the bottom row. Now, you don’t want to short-change yourself either, because a cramped unit isn’t helpful when you’re trying to find the beach umbrellas and Christmas lights. Be sure to do some measurements, so you get the best space for your things. 

Consider Sharing Space

Do you have a nearby relative who also needs to store a few extra items? Splitting the cost of a unit can save you big bucks over the months. Just make sure you have a firm agreement of how long you want to go into a storage partnership before signing the dotted line. 

Consider What Perks You Actually Need and Don’t

Do you actually need a temperature controlled storage space? If you live in a temperate location and aren’t storing things like artwork and electronics, you can probably get away without paying for climate control. Take a good look at all the perks your local storage unit offers, before choosing which ones work best for you.

Storage Cost over Travel Costs

If a storage unit further from your house is cheaper per month but you plan on visiting it frequently, you’re just going to burn off the distance with the price of gas. Take into account how often you need to visit your unit before you choose locations.

The trick to saving money with storage is to plan ahead. Whether it’s taking measurements, selling your things, or weighing the pros and cons of your storage unit perks, you have several different ways to save some bucks before you store.