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How to Host a Kid Friendly St. Patrick’s Day Party

Moving is a stressful time for kids, which makes hosting a fun party is a great way for them to feel more connected with their neighborhood and new classmates. Consider throwing your children a kid-friendly St. Patrick’s Day party they can participate in over the holiday weekend.

Potatoes and Gold

Get in the spirit of Ireland with a few games starring potatoes and yummy gold coins. Hot Potato is an old-time favorite game on the verge of a comeback. Gather the kids in a circle and have them pass the potato as music plays. Whoever is holding the potato when the music stops is out of the game. Keep playing until only one champion remains.To play the gold coin game, find a black plastic pot (or just one from the kitchen) and place it some distance from a line. Have the kids take turns tossing their coins into the pot. The kid with the best aim gets all the “gold.”

Decorate in Green and Gold

It may seem silly to decorate when you’re still unpacking boxes, but a few accents can really add to the ambience of the party. Put up a few green and gold banners and garlands, and give your kids something to do by having them draw and color shamrocks to tape around the house. You can also have the kids pick out their favorite green shirts and dresses for the party. Facepaint is another cheap and easy way to get everyone in the holiday mood.

Irish Food

Many of the most beloved Irish dishes are foods you can prepare ahead of time. Whether it’s beef stew, potato soup, or soda bread, it’s easy to create a large bit o’ food to feed a crowd of both kids and parents. When it comes down to dessert, it may not be traditional Irish fare, but rice crispie treats with Lucky Charms are always a crowd favorite.