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Alternative Ideas for Your Empty Garage

This is the year you’ve finally ditched your four wheels for two wheels. You’ve said goodbye to carbon emissions and said hello to tighter glutes. Since you’ve chosen your bicycle over your gas guzzler, you now have a whole other room in your home to take advantage of. Here are our top suggestions for renovating your carless cave:


A fresh coat of paint, a swanky desk, and a swivel chair is just about all you need to make an inviting office area come to life. Build shelves and set up your filing cabinets to create an organized workspace. Perhaps the best part about your garage-turned-office is that this new area is free from the distractions of your television in the living room and the temptations of snacks in the kitchen. Working in your office space is just like going to work, but without the commute.

Game Room

Finally, you have somewhere to store your old-school pinball machine and your foosball table! Make your concrete space the ultimate game room with a poker table and board games, or take the fancy route, and install a flat screen TV and video game console. Line the floors with carpet or rugs to make your game area warmer and more comfortable for you and your house guests. To make your space feel more like a playroom and less like a garage, paint the walls and hang your favorite movie posters.

Hobbies Room

Whether your passion lies in painting with water colors, building model airplanes, or sketching, your garage provides the prime artistic workspace. Find some peace and quiet when you retreat to your artsy workspace. Set up a work table with shelves to organize all your art materials. Fiddle with your gadgets or create your masterpieces in your very own hobby haven.


Your dumb bells and treadmill are probably taking over your living room space, so move them over into the garage. This empty space provides the ideal area for your squats and push-ups. With this new found space, you can even purchase that fancy Bow Flex you’ve always marveled at during infomericals. To provide more gym-appeal, install mats, mirrors, and workout stations to make this room more about body maintenance instead of car maintenance.