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What to Store and What to Take Out for Autumn

Your home's space is at a premium, and you're going to have to switch out your summer things to make room for fall. The choices can be tricky. Do you keep your favorite summer tee-shirt or put it in storage with the rest of your out-of-season wardrobe? Do you hang onto your lawn edger in case there's no snow this year? Do you hold back your pool toys in hopes of a winter tropical vacation? 

Rules of Engagement

Decisions are easier if you have a plan and a few rules. First, arrange your storage unit by season, so you don't have to climb over spring things to get to your autumn stuff. Don't put anything in storage that you didn't use this year, and consider tossing it. When you sort before you store, you can just pull out this season's bins, and it’s all ready to go. 

On the Home Front

Pack up summer decor, table linens, and bedding. Pull out Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations and autumn house linens. Be sure to grab your boot trays, door mats, and umbrella stands, and place them next to your door in preparation for the first storm. Store table-top fans, and pull out space heaters for those brisk fall evenings.

In the Closet

Say hello to your raincoats, boots, and umbrellas, and say goodbye to lightweight sweaters, flip flops, and swimsuits. Unpack your sweaters, boots, loafers, and warm suits. Switch your straw tote bags for winter handbags and silk scarves for pashmina wraps.

Out In the Yard

Store sand boxes, kiddie pools, and croquet sets, and take out the leaf blower, pipe wrapping, and grass rakes. It's probably also time to put away kayaks, boating gear, and pool maintenance equipment. 

However big your home is, switching out summer for fall is a guaranteed way to get excited about the autumn season and keep your home organized and tidy.