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The Do’s and Don’ts for Disciplining Someone Else's Child

You've just emptied out your storage unit and are finally settling into your new home. The entire family is excited about exploring the region and meeting new friends. And luckily, it seems as though the neighbors have children of their own. However, issues may arise when kids come over for playdates. So if Timmy from next door gets rowdy, here are a few strategies to help you navigate the tricky situation of disciplining someone else’s child.

 Time Out

 You’re familiar with the phrase, “time out.” When a neighborhood child is misbehaving and doesn't respond to a "no," take them into a quiet room, or corner in your home. Tell them to sit on a chair facing the wall. There should be no toys, televisions or gadgets nearby for entertainment. Give them a clear explanation as to why they are in a time out. Once the allotted period is over, usually about 10 minutes, the child may return to play.

 Practical Consequences

 Some children respond to consequences spelled out for them when trouble arises. If the child breaks a toy, tell them there is no television privileges for the rest of the visit. When the child sees their actions have negative reactions, they'll typically try harder next time to behave.

 Calling the Parent

 When the visiting child doesn't respond to any discipline, it's time to call their parent. There may be issues at home causing excessive negative habits, which means it’s up to the parents to discipline their child at that point. They'll need to pick up the child and return them home. This process shows the seriousness of the situation, providing the misbehaving child with context for their behavior.

 Being calm and collected is the best way to deal with a misbehaving child, whether it’s yours or someone else’s. If all discipline goes well, your child might have a new close friend.