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Pet Etiquette

Everything’s finally out of storage and your home is starting to come together. Even your dog and cat are getting along in the new digs. Once you settle in, however, it's time to start exploring the neighborhood. If you're taking the dog with you, keep some friendly reminders in mind to avoid any friction with new neighbors.

 Get Licensed

 Before you've even finished pulling your items out of storage, take a trip to the local dog licensing facility. Almost every town requires licensing to keep track of animals and to raise funds for local services. It keeps the streets safe with identified dogs. Showing off a license on the dog's collar shows you care about the community. You may even meet neighbors while licensing the dog, giving you a chance to strike up a new friendship.

 Pick it Up

 Picking up after your dog isn't the most glamorous job, but it's a sanitary necessity. Children and other pets may play outside, making it possible for them to step on the excrement. Always keep a bag on-hand to pick up any waste. Your neighbors will appreciate this particular courtesy. Try to also keep the dog out of others' yards even if they are just sniffing around.

 Leash Time

 You may have the most well-trained dog around, but keep him on a leash. Unleashed dogs may frighten neighbors, especially if they have young children. Keeping the dog leashed is a respectful and necessary action. The leash gives you a chance to introduce the dog to others with safety in mind. Because after all, even the most well-behaved dogs can lunge and snap at others when they’re in unknown territory. You want the neighborhood to feel comfortable around your entire family, including your furry friend.

 With some basic courtesy on your part, you and your four-legged companion will be welcomed with open arms in the community. Keep a leash on your friend and greet others with a smile. Your etiquette reflects positively on your personality.