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How to Use Labor Day as an Excuse to Meet Your Neighbors

Getting to know your neighbors is easier when get-togethers revolve around a holiday. So if you missed the Fourth of July celebrations in the cul-de-sac, Labor Day may be your next best excuse to get the block together for a little social time.

 Life's a Picnic

 Although Labor Day no longer marks the end of wearing white, it often signals the end of summertime freedom. What better last hurrah is there than a neighborhood picnic or barbecue? Host a picnic potluck at your home or local park and take an invitation to each neighbor, introducing yourself along the way. You'll get to meet a few of your neighbors even before the event, which will make things a little less awkward on picnic day.

 Group Purge

 Labor Day may be a day off of work, but you can still make some cold, hard cash with a neighborhood yard sale. Great for attracting large numbers of die-hard bargainers, community yard sales give you a terrific excuse to interact with your neighbors all day in a festive setting. You'll also make a little money, and whittle down the amount of summer accessories and equipment that needs to go in storage for wintertime safekeeping.

 Pretty It Up

 Put a little labor in Labor Day and pull your neighbors together to clean up an unsightly area. Whether it's a local park that needs refurbishment, litter that needs removed from a nearby street, or a community fence that needs new paint, a communal project can help you get to know your neighbors in a different way.

 Whatever event you choose, Labor Day celebrations and projects are great excuses to make some friends. They open up a whole new world of friendships and potentially lead to more neighborhood celebrations.