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How to Transition Your Home from Summer to Fall

The kids are back in school. Baseball is winding down, and football is starting up. You've started to crave the feel of cool weather, the smell of pumpkin pie, and the warmth of your favorite sweater. This all makes it official; it's time to start preparing for fall.

 Keep It Indoors

 While your first impulse may be to break out your autumn decor, pillows, and throws from storage, take care of the housekeeping duties first. Your house is going to be closed up tighter than a drum to ward off cold outside air, so make sure you have the cleanest indoor environment. Check air vents, replace air filters, and consider adding a HEPA air purifier to your home. Have your chimney cleaned before you light your first fire. And place heavy mats and boot trays by your front door to prevent wet leaves and mud from being tracked inside.

 The Backyard

 Even if your yard is small, a little preparation for rain, wind, snow, and even wildfires can go a long way. Make sure your gutters are free of debris, so they can handle fall rainwater. Trim overgrown bushes and trees that may create hazards during heavy storms. What’s more, wildfires can kick up in fall in dry areas, like California, so maintain your home's defensible space throughout autumn.

 Patio Perfect

 In many parts of the country, fall brings sun-filled days with just a hint of chill. If you're lucky enough to live in these regions, continue to enjoy your patio with strategically placed outdoor heaters and a few snuggle-worthy throws tossed across patio chairs. Just remember to bring your throws inside before a rainstorm, pull down patio umbrellas before the winds careen, and store outdoor furniture for winter.

 With a little preparation, welcoming autumn can be simple and fun. And if you're sad to see the lazy days of summer pass by, buck up; the season will be here again before you know it.