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How to Help Your Kid Pack for Summercamp

One of the most traditional ways for kids to make childhood memories is by visiting a summer camp for the season. Between outdoor activities and meeting other children, it can make for invaluable lessons and a great adventure to experience for boys and girls. When helping your kid pack for camp, there are several ways to assist with the process while instilling confidence and independence in the child.

 Write a List of the Essentials

 It's likely that your child will arrive at camp excited to meet other people, only to find that toothpaste or underwear was forgotten at home. It's important to make a list with your child on the essentials they'll need during their stay, which includes things from change for the vending machines to a sleeping bag. You can also ask the camp ahead of time of a list of must-have things.

 Pack Items That Offer Comfort

 When your child is hundreds of miles away in a new location, it's normal to experience a bit of homesickness while away from their own bed and familiar surroundings. Ask your child to pack a few items that are comforting and remind them of home, which can include a teddy bear to a blanket that they use each night. You can also consider getting old items out of storage, which remind them of their childhood and of home. Add a personal touch and slip in a little note from mom and dad for the overnight trips.

 Avoid Overpacking

 It's normal for children to overestimate what they need to bring for camp, which can include a box of legos to a dozen stuffed animals. To prevent packing too many bags of unnecessary items, limit each toy, clothing, or toiletries. Establish the guidelines on what they can pack ahead of time to avoid confusion or tantrums in the process.