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Home Renovations for When the Kids are Out of Town

If you are trying to decide what to do while the kids are out of town visiting grandma, attending summer camp or just spending the night at a friend’s house, consider several home renovations that can be completed in a few hours, days or even a couple of weeks. Whether you need to renovate the playroom/recreational room, the kitchen, or the main bathroom it will be easier if you don't have to deal with the kids in addition to the mess.

 Playroom/Recreational Room Renovation

 Most children have more toys and stuff then they know what to do with and the clutter in the playroom hurts creativity. You can easily complete a playroom or rec room reno while the kids are away with the grandparents or at camp. First, you may need to pack up the room and take the boxes to a storage unit. Next, rip up the dirty carpet and put down tile or durable and easy to clean linoleum with a soft comfortable area rug. Finally, go through the stuff in storage and only bring those items the kids actually play with back into the room.

 Kitchen Remodel

 Creating a beautiful kitchen where you are inspired to cook delicious meals does not have to take a lot of time nor cost a lot of money. Changing the pain, adding a back splash, installing new counter tops, or updating appliances can make a big difference. The fresh new look will inspire you to come up with a new set of favorites you can experiment with before you welcome the entire family to enjoy your new creations in your updated kitchen.

 Improving the Bathroom

 Renovating the main bathroom in a home is usually inconvenient. If you can do the work while the kids are away for a few days, it will make the project less stressful. Changing the tile on the floor and installing a new soaker tub with rain-shower head will make the bathroom an amazing retreat. As long as you are not moving the plumbing lines, this remodel can be completed before the kids get home. For all you know you’ll have time to enjoy a few uninterrupted showers.