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Fun Ways to Update Your Office

If you just moved into a new office, you want to make the space your own. Money may be limited, but you don't need a fortune to update your office. A few new accessories and a little bit of creativity are all you need to make your new office your own.

 Hooks and Wire Organizers

 Every gadget has an adapter and wire connecting to your computer or wall outlet. Install hooks under your desk to hold the wires away from your legs and floor space. Attach a desk wire holder to the side of your computer to clamp down charger ends. When you need them, simply slide them out. Your desk being more orderly will be both visually pleasing and more efficient.

 Go Treasure Hunting

 Take a short ride to your storage unit. Pull out old pieces of artwork you've been saving or long forgotten mirrors. Choose one or two main pieces to accentuate your entire office's personality. Don't add all your art pieces, however. You want art highlights, not a chaotic wall appearance creating a stressful, cluttered look. For added personalization, paint the wall where your art will be hanging, the vibrant color on one wall will add the perfect pop of color.

 Refinish the Desk

 Your supervisor may have bequeathed you a vintage wood desk, but damage over the years makes the surface look unattractive. Take some time after hours, or even on the weekend, to refinish the desk with an inexpensive wood stain or coat of paint. The wood will look brand new again.

 Window Treatments

 Pull down those broken blinds and install curtains to soften the room's appearance. You'll feel calmer working in the space while making others feel collected as they sit down for meetings. Consider adding dual curtains to have individual sheer and heavy drapes hanging down. The sheer fabric allows light in while the heavy drape stops hot sunlight during a summer day.

 Stop and take a look around your office before diving into your redecorating. Choose several small projects and update them as soon as you start the new position. You'll find these little changes to make big differences in the overall office appearance while motivating you at the same time to get more work done.