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Etiquette for Hosting a House Guest

After pulling all of your furniture out of storage, you finally have a comfortable home to invite friends and family over to stay for more than just one night. If you've just moved to a new city, you want to share your exploration process with your loved ones. So get organized and set up the new guest room to receive visitors, and you must also incorporate house guest etiquette to make their visit a memorable one.

 A Welcoming Nightstand

 Sleeping in a new place is difficult for anyone, especially if your guest is adjusting to a new time zone. Fill your guest's nightstand with comfortable essentials. Place some bottled water and a few dry snacks nearby if your friend is susceptible to night time hunger pains. Add books or magazines to the nightstand to help the person rest and unwind after a long day. Although a television is a nice touch in a guest room, it's often too stimulating to encourage sleep, and they might hole up instead of making the most out of their stay.

 Print out the Itinerary

 Your guest may know vaguely about what you have planned, but print it out with clear appointment times listed. Not only will this ensure they’re on time to your scheduled activities, but it lets them know when they have downtime to fly solo. Feel free to even add a few household tips. Include pantry highlights, such as gourmet crackers and cereals, or list refrigerator foods you’ve stocked for them. With today's kitchens being larger than ever, knowing what is actually in the refrigerator helps the loved one know what to eat. Even list favorite video games or movies available in the home and where to find the essentials, (towels, car keys, etc).

 Easy Access to Essentials

 After the house guest settles in, show them around the home. Give them a grand tour of their room. There should be a cabinet full of essentials, including shampoo, toilet paper, and other toiletries. When guests know their way around your home, it's more comfortable for everyone.

 Your actions before and during the visiting period reflect on your attitude toward your loved one. Aside from creating a clean and fresh guest room, go above and beyond their basic needs. Offer your home as theirs to enjoy and you're sure to have guests visiting often due to your exemplary etiquette.