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You’ve Been Framed

Are you a crafting queen or king looking to spice up your home? Don’t settle for drab. Add some sass to your home by completing these do-it-yourself crafts with frames. Frames are a fun, funky way to add personality in your space. Chances are, you probably have some you’re not currently using locked down in storage. Additionally, this is a project where you can buy your materials as inexpensively as you please. There are tons of frames at your local resale store or you can choose to get something more high end at a local home goods store.

Creative Color

Maybe you don’t want to change much about the frames you already have in your home, but you do want to spice things up a bit. The easiest way is to embellish what you presently enjoy. Grab some paint and splash it on to make your frames bright and fresh. If you’re someone who likes a bit of sparkle, add glitter at your discretion. If you are trying to achieve tranquility in your home, bust out the hot glue gun, and decorate your photo frames with items like seashells, driftwood, or colorful buttons.

Let Go of Your Hang-Ups

One simple and stylish way to group a collection of photos together is by hanging them within a frame. Purchase a large frame and remove any glass or backing from within. Fasten twine, string, or wire across the back of the frame horizontally. Once your line is secure, use clothes pins, colored paper clips, or any other fastening device to clip and hang your pictures in a row. The result is effortlessly elegant and easy to update when you want to put in new photographs.

Time to Transform

There may be a surplus of frames in your home, so repurpose them for a fresh new look. If you’re looking to get more organized, utilize the materials at hand. Purchase cork material at your local home improvement store and make your own corkboard. Cut your cork with an X-Acto knife to fit within your frame. From there, use adhesive to secure the cork into your frame. You can create a small corkboard to secure daily reminders on your nightstand, or a large one for the family to use in the kitchen. No matter the size of your corkboard, you’ll be happy to be more organized and glad you found use for that old frame that’s been sitting around in the garage.