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Ways to Make Your Small Home Feel Giant

Living in a small house definitely has its perks. On the one hand, it's cozy, less expensive to heat, and there are smaller spaces to clean. On the other hand, there are days where it can feel cluttered and overcrowded. With some creative organizing and decorating, however, you can make your home feel bigger than it is. Try some of these tricks if you find your small home is cramping your style.

Go For Light Colors

In a small space, something as simple as painting the walls white can make an enormous difference. You'll be amazed how it gives the whole room a light, airy feeling. This doesn't mean you can't incorporate other colors into your home, though. Border stripes or an accent wall can add some variety without darkening the atmosphere.


Maybe your house feels too small because, if you were to be honest with yourself, you have more "stuff" than you need. Now is a perfect time to go through everything you own and pull out off-season clothes, musical instruments you hardly ever play, and the comfortable chair that really is too big to fit in your house right now. You don't have to get rid of these items altogether, but at least put them in storage so they're not taking up much-needed space in your home.

Open the Curtains

Natural light can do a lot to expand a small space. If you have thick, heavy curtains, leave them open during the day to let the sunshine in, or consider replacing them with lighter ones.


If you've never decorated with mirrors, you will be amazed at how easy it is to use them to trick the eye -- and the brain -- into thinking your room is more spacious. The best strategy is to place two large mirrors at opposite ends of the room facing each other. This effect can make it look and feel as if your room goes on forever.

Your small home can feel like a palace if you take advantage of these easy tips. Take a deep breath and enjoy your new space!