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Storage for Newbies

Storage isn’t a one-size fits all solution. No matter if you’re moving cities and need a temporary space to hold your items, downsizing houses, or you’re looking for some extra room in your apartment, storage gives you more freedom. Before you throw everything in your unit and call it a day, here are some things to remember if you’re new to the storage world.

Don’t Store Explosives

It seems like a no-brainer, but it’s still important to remind you: do not store explosives in your storage unit. No fireworks, no aerosols (like hairspray), no matches, or lighters, or extra gasoline. Before you move in, nearly all storage facilities will have you sign a contract promising not to store explosives.

No Food

Do not, under any circumstances, store food. You don’t want to attract bugs and small rodents. Those unwanted visitors won’t stop once the boxes of cereal and dog food are gone; papers and clothing are quite welcoming to little critters looking for a place to sleep and call home.

Keep the Important Documents and Valuables at Home

When it comes to birth certifications, work diplomas, and medical records, keep it at home, preferably in a lock box. While the chance of disaster is slim, it’s always better to have your paperwork close to the chest in your own place. This is also true when it comes to jewels and other valuables. Keep your great-grandmother’s vase in your place instead of your storage space.

Stack up

Don’t see your empty square or rectangle as a small thing. Safely stack, stack, stack. Keep heavy objects on the bottom with larger items, like couches and beds, resting along the sides. Don’t forget to place those never-used or once-a-year items in the back, like seasonal decorations, while keeping other more frequently used items like painting supplies or shoes in the front.

By following these tips, you’ll be on your way from a storage newbie to a storage pro in no time!