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Perks of Apartment Living

Apartments have the means to be magical à la Carrie Bradshaw or the cast of “Friends.” Oh sure, they can have a bad reputation for being cramped and noisy, but there is a beauty to compact. The real trick is learning how to feel like this small corner of the world is home. Here are some of the best benefits of apartment living:

No Maintenance Responsibility

You don’t have to invest in any plumber or electrician classes when you rent an apartment. Your landlord or leasing office is nearly always responsible for any repairs needed around your house. Maintenance responsibilities vary by apartment, but it’s usually a safe bet that anything from light bulbs to clogged pipes will be taken care of by the property owner and not fall on you.

Easier to Clean

A smaller space forces you to really think about your possessions in a constructive way. What is really needed? What can you let go of? The small space makes it easier to clean, giving you more free time on weekends to explore your city. If you find that you do need extra space, consider renting a self-storage unit. You can easily keep any of your season items, bulky furniture, or other mementos in there for safe keeping.

Close to the Best

Apartment living often makes it affordable to live in the best cities in the world. Sure, you may not have a white picket fence and backyard patio, but it’s hard to pass up living in Manhattan, San Francisco, or downtown Miami for a fraction of what you’d pay if you rent an entire house.


Apartment living also means you can leave when you want. It’s rare to sign anything more than a one-year lease. Why not use the freedom to city hop and enjoy the experience of living in any city of your choice? The world is waiting for you.