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How to Make Your Staff Feel Welcomed in New Office

You’re the boss, the Queen or King bee, and this week, after months of planning and coordination; you’re moving the company office. It’s not enough to simply pick up as business as usual. You want your staff to feel welcome in the new office. The more connected your employees feel to the new space and the company, the better chance they’ll produce innovative and thorough work. Here are some tips for rolling out the welcome mat.

Let Them Help the Design Process

There’s no doubt you already thought of every detail for what your new office space should look like, but there’s always something missing. Consider contests to pick out what the new toaster will look like, or which color trash bins line the halls. You can always pick out your top 3 before the contest begins, so you win either way.

Bagel Payday and Cupcake Friday

Moving offices can be great for most of your staff, but it could create problems for others; such as longer commutes. Reward their patience and service with a new reward. It could be anything from bringing in bagels on payday, delivering cupcakes on the first Friday of the month, or taking the office out to lunch the first week of work.

Show Thanks

Moving offices is your chance at a new start. Not only is this a great time to implement rules you’ve been meaning to set, but it’s also the time to point out great behavior you want carried into the new office. Bring all of your team members together for a meeting where you can talk about the good, the bad, and the new. It’s also the opportune time to answer any questions your employees might have, so they don’t linger with questions for weeks on end.

Moving on up is a goal of all businesses. Bringing your staff up with you to the new offices is one excellent way to keep up the good work and inspire even better results in the future.