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Fire Safety in Your New Home

Of course you don’t want to imagine your brand new home going up in flames, but sometimes you need to the face the possibility of a potential disaster to ensure your house is properly equipped to deal with it. From understanding the different kinds of fire extinguishers available to stocking your home with fire escape ladders, check out our list of fire safety items you should include in your home.

Fire Extinguishers

Before swooping up the first fire extinguisher you find at the store, realize there are several classes of extinguishers to choose from, while some have multiple purposes. For example, Class A works best on ordinary combustibles, such as paper and wood, while Class B extinguishers are best for flammable liquids. And Class C is designed for electrical fires, and should never be used with water. Some families choose to keep a Class A fire extinguisher in the home for regular fires and a Class B fire extinguisher in the kitchen in case of grease or oil fires. Do further research to decide which kind of fire extinguisher is best for your needs.

Fire Escape Ladder

If you have a home with more than one story, purchasing a portable fire ladder for each bedroom is one way to provide an emergency escape route during a fire. These ladders latch on to the top of the window sill and offer a safe way out from the window, when you can’t leave through your bedroom door because of smoke or flames. Because these systems can be daunting, especially if you have children, do a fire drill with your kids, showing them how to properly set up the system and how to safely escape. Keep the ladder stored in an easily accessible location, such as under the window or in the closet.

Fire Escape Plan

While you may have fire extinguishers and ladders in your home, it’s still important to have a fire escape plan in motion. Even if you don’t have children, it’s a good idea to do a run-through of your new home and make note of all the windows and exits. If you’re living with roomies or family members, decide on a meeting place outside of the home. Also remember, during a fire, keep low to the ground and do not open doors if the knobs are hot to the touch. 

Fire Alarm

Ensure your home has a working fire alarm. If you don’t have an alarm, pick up one at your local hardware store. If you do have one, do a monthly test of the battery to double check it’s working properly.