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Backyard Items to Bring out in Time for Summer

As temperatures rise, and the last of the snow finally melts away, it's time to start digging through storage to find all of last year's summer gear. All your favorite items have made it through the cold winter in your storage unit, and now they're just waiting for you to get them out and start using them again. With these handy summertime toys and items, your backyard will be the summer vacation hot spot!


Stashing the family bikes in a storage unit was a smart idea. Leaving them out in the snow all winter could mean some serious damage due to rust. Now you can pull them back out. The warm summer weather gives you a great opportunity to add outdoor biking to your workout routine. Get the whole family involved and bike to the library for story time or the park for a picnic!

Wading Pool

If you have very young kids at home, they'll love splashing around in their own exclusive pool. When stored safely through the winter, these tiny kid-sized pools can be used again and again for the little ones in your life. Just set them up in the backyard, fill them with water, and let the children splash around in them to their hearts' content. It's an easy way for them to stay cool in the summer heat.


Once the snow sets in, there's not much of an opportunity for barbecuing, so celebrate the return of grilling season by inviting a few of your neighbors over for a cookout! Set up the grill and some picnic tables in the backyard, buy plenty of hot dogs and hamburger patties, and throw a neighborhood party to welcome the summer.

With summer on its way, now is the time to pull all these warm weather items out of storage. Clean them off, and set them up in the backyard, and you'll be ready to enjoy all the outdoor activities you did last year.