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The Anatomy of a Suitcase

There’s a big world out there and a handy storage unit is one great ally for your travels. Rather than pay for months of rent when you’re traveling out of the country, look into getting a storage unit. This is also a good option when you’re between living spots and will be living out of a suitcase for a few weeks.


When it comes to packing a traveling suitcase or a backpack there are better ways of doing it than others. The main objective is to make sure you have easy access to everything you need when all of your other processions are locked tight in a storage unit until you return.


Keep Toiletries in Separate Pockets


Karma is as karma does and sometimes when you take the chance of putting your shaving cream next your clothes, you run the risk of the bottle exploding or leaking and ruining everything in your suitcase. Keep all liquids in a plastic bag and in a separate pocket as everything else.


Laptops and Books up Front (Temporarily)


While it’s a good idea to keep flat objects at the bottom of your suitcase, you’re going to want these things at hand when going through airports. You’ll need quick access to your laptop as you go through security and you’ll want to easily grab your book before your bag is crammed under a seat or in an overhead bin.


PJs on Top


Whether you’re jetting off on an adventure or just going on a business trip, there’s a good chance your first outfit change will be your pjs. Keep them up top so you’re not digging for them when you’re exhausted and ready for bed.


Little Black Dress or Nice Shirt Tucked in the Back


You never know when you might be invited to a fabulous party or need to go out to a nice dinner. Be prepared and look your best!

Your suitcase is all you have when you’re traveling or in between moves, so make sure you pack well so everything stays intact and in place once you reach your desired location.