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The Winter Purge: What to Toss, What to Store, and What to Donate

Don’t wait until spring cleaning to clean out your house. It’s easy to want to burrow snuggly into your home and not do a thorough cleaning spell until spring, but some things are way too bulky or underused to take up space in your house. It’s time for you to give a critical eye to your things and figure out what needs to be tossed, stored, or donated.




If you haven’t worn it in two years or more, just donate it. Those clothes are taking up space in your closet for no reason when someone else can probably get a lot more use out of it. Look into donated clothes at a Salvation Army, Goodwill, or donation bins located around some cities. Now, if it’s something like summer clothes in winter or winter clothes in summer, simply pack them up and stick them in your storage unit for the season.


Novelty Items


Be honest with yourself, are you really going to use your snow cone maker ever again? If not, look into donating or selling it on a website like Craigslist. If you do plan on using it, pack it away in storage so it doesn’t take up space for your winter wares. The same is true of other novelty items.


Extra Mattress


It’s fantastic to have a mattress in your house when you have an extra room, but if you just moved into a smaller home, your extra mattress just doesn’t make sense. See if any close friends or family might need one, especially a growing family. You can also try storing it for a while until you figure out a new home for it.


Unwanted Gifts


It’s the old-time question: what do you do with unwanted gifts? If it’s from someone who’ll never know if you used the gift or not, feel free to re-gift it or donate it. However, if it’s from family and you know they’ll want to see it out when they come to visit, stick it in storage, and pull it out for those special occasions.