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Rats, Moths, and Other “Monsters” to Keep Out of Your Storage Unit

Creepy crawlers don’t belong anywhere close to your stored items. Fall is in full swing and this cooler weather is the prime time for critters to look for shelter. And trust us, they’d love to nestle into your stored away blankets, if you let them. So keep them out! Use the following tricks to protect your precious items locked away in storage.




Rats are notorious for causing incalculable damage to valuables, so don’t let them destroy any of yours. The number one way to prevent rodents is to remove any and all food from your storage unit. Mice will eat through paper and cardboard just to get a free meal. This is also true for pet food. Keep the food out and everything else tightly sealed.




Moths don’t seem too harmless when they’re floating in the air, but these winged pests are enemy number one when it comes to your clothes. Moth balls are a popular way to deter these insects, but most moth balls have an awful odor. Choose lavender instead. Not only will it keep the bugs out, but your clothes will smell lovely when it’s time to take them out of the box.




Silverfish are light gray and blue insects which grow to about a half-inch long. These bugs love sugars and proteins, especially from old clothes and towels. The first thing to do is keep the area dry and free from any humidity. Make sure all your stored linens and clothes are washed before packing them in tightly sealed packages. 




The good news about spiders revolves around their food source. If your storage unit is free from other little bugs, spiders won’t want to stick around. Make sure your unit is completely free of other insects and you won’t have a spider problem. However, it’s still a good idea to pack things tightly so spiders don’t sneak in anyway.


Keep your unit safe from those sneaky monsters this fall! Keep things sealed, clean, and odor free, and everything should still be in great condition come spring.