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Little Space, Big Life

Sometimes when you decide to move to the hottest spots in the U.S., you forfeit space for the glamour of the city. Living in New York City is one of the best examples of painting the town red by day, while cramming into a tiny studio apartment by night. But just because your bedroom is now also your living room, dining room, kitchen, and library, it doesn’t mean you can’t design a cozy, welcoming, and functional living space. Follow these simple tips, and you might even create enough space to squeeze in a few guests for a house warming party!


Settle on Self Storage


Your new studio pad may remind you of the small confinement of your college dormitory, but just because you’ve downsized your space, doesn’t mean you have to give up your vintage couch or antique grandfather clock. If your studio space isn’t your forever home, consider reserving a storage unit, so you can store all your favorite furniture finds without parting with them. Maybe you can’t squeeze your grand piano into your studio, but you can definitely find a storage unit big enough for it.


Set up Dividers


Alright, your bathroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen might all be in the same room, but with a little creativity, you can section off each area for a privacy and seclusion. Screens and curtains work wonders for splitting up areas, but you can also use your sofa, bookshelf, or even TV to partition off your space. Create the illusion of a den by scooting your couch up against the foot of your bed, or build a wall with your bookshelf to divide the living room from the bedroom. Using these props as partitions will also help you to mentally divide up your space, so you can enjoy each “room” for its intended purpose.


Lift Your Bed


Loft beds and pull-out beds are space saving graces for every studio owner. A loft bed presents perhaps the most space, as you can place your desk, couch, or TV underneath to create a cozy hangout spot. Meanwhile, a sofa, which folds out into a bed, doubles as a living room and bedroom accessory. Meanwhile, others prefer to pull the bed out from the wall, which helps to free up space during the day.


Find Double Trouble


One of the best ways to make the most of your small space is to double up on the number of uses for your items. For example, you can use your chest, which is currently holding all your photographs and mementos as a coffee table or TV stand. As for actual furniture, some stores sell ottomans and seats, which lift up and offer additional storage space.