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Fashion Style Guide for Your Move

When you’re running around packing up your home, office, or apartment, fashion probably is the furthest thought from your mind. And rightfully so, who cares what you look like when you’re lifting boxes and crawling into moving vans? While you shouldn’t worry about whether you match or look presentable, do realize you’ll want to dress for functionality rather than fashion. To make your moving day as pleasant as possible, follow our few clothing tips:


Comfy Closed-Toed Shoes


Moving day is not the time to break in your stylin’ new flats or your brand new flip flops. You want to focus on packing up your belongings and not trying to remember where you packed the Band-Aids. Skip the possibility of blisters, and lace up your tried but true broken-in shoes.


You’ll also want to throw on a pair of comfortable closed-toed shoes to protect your little piggies. You never know if your clumsy brother might accidentally drop the end of the couch on your foot while trying to get it out of the front door or if a box might fall from a piled up stack. A broken foot or toe and a trip to the ER won’t do you any favors when you’re trying to pack up.


Clothing with Pockets


It might sound silly, but you’ll thank yourself when you have tape, scissors, and a marker all on you when you’re sealing boxes and labeling them. There are few things worse than misplacing the masking tape or realizing you left the permanent marker in the back of the moving van. Clothing with deep pockets may also help if your front door automatically locks, so keep your keys in your pockets to prevent getting locked out.


Comfortable Clothing


Some people prefer to move in sweatpants while others go for the jeans. Either way, make sure your clothing isn’t too loose or too tight. Loose clothing could snag while you’re packing up, and nobody wants to split their pants while lifting a heavy box! Your best option is to step into something flexible and breathable.




If you start moving out at 6:00am, you might need your winter jacket, but by noon with the scorching sun, you may wish you had a tank top. The best way to dress for the weather is to wear layers so you can put them on or take them off throughout the day.