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Don’t Pack These Items in Your Storage Unit

In the chaos of a move, it’s easy to throw a hodge podge of items into your storage unit just to get them out of the way. After all, how good does it feel to find a temporary home for those gigantic cardboard boxes? Keep in mind though; a haphazard attempt at storing your goods could lead to bigger problems down to the road, like filthy rat infestations and ruined electronics, or worse, a massive combustion!




Storing food in your unit is one sure way to attract unwelcome critters. Perishable goods spoil quickly, creating a recipe for smelly concoctions and a stinky invitation for pests. And these pests, such as mice, rats, ants, and more, simply spell more mess and more damage. Avoid a disaster such as this and keep meats, veggies, fruits, and other treats out of your storage unit.




Storing your humungous flat screen TV in your unit may sound like a good idea to keep it safe during your move, but unless you choose climate-controlled storage, your unit could expose your precious TV to extreme temperatures. High temperatures can melt and damage your electronics, while cold temperatures can negatively alter the circuits. Think twice about storing your computer, TV, iPods, and other valuable technology.




Your storage unit is not a temporary home for your pet, regardless of whether it’s your family dog or fuzzy hamster. It’s both a bad idea and illegal. Storage units receive little to no air circulation, which is obviously unhealthy for an animal of any size. Find a pet sitter or pet resort for your little one while you finish packing up your belongings or settle into your new home.


Toxic Chemicals and Combustibles


If you’ve ever left a can of hairspray in your car under the desert sun, you’re probably familiar with the concept of combustion. The same theory goes for those who place explosive or combustible items in their storage units. Storing materials such as cleaning solvents, alcohol, and gasoline could lead to a massive mess or even a fire! Ask your storage unit manager for a complete list of these toxic no no’s.