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Check, Check, Check: What to Look for in a New Place to Live

You walk inside the house on the market wearing one of your best outfits and money burning a hole in your pocket. You’re eager to move into a new place to live, but have you asked all the proper questions before signing a lease?


When it comes to picking a new home, apartment, dwelling, or abode, you want to make sure you can check off all the boxes on your preference list. No matter how attractive a place might look on the outside, if it’s a termite playground or lacks certain amenities you’ve come to love, it just won’t be the right fit. So before you sign on the dotted line and moves things out of storage, inquiry about the following things:


The Laundry Situation


If late-night laundry mats aren’t your scene, you might want a washing machine and dyer in your home. Make sure you take a peek at the machines to see if they’re big enough to wash blankets and towels just in case you have to take the bigger items to a laundry mat during the day time.


Dish Washer


If you’re someone who wants to set it and forget it when you do dishes, you’ll want to make sure your new home has a dishwasher. Otherwise, you’ll have to get used to the good old sponge and drying rack.


Critters and Bugs


Is your home an ant festival every year? How about a spider convention? You don’t want to play host to bugs or critters in your home, so ask if there are any special things to look out for and plan accordingly. This might mean investing in lidded trash cans, keeping pet food indoors, or using special sprays around the house during peak seasons.




If you’re moving to a city or a busy neighborhood, be sure to ask about the parking accommodations. Will you get your own parking spot or is it street parking? If it is street parking, is there street sweeping and you must park in certain areas on certain days? These questions will save you from future parking tickets, which is not the way to start living in a new area.


Moving into a new home is a big deal. Make sure your new place is the sanctuary you’re looking for instead of a surprise nightmare.