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Weathering Snowy Weather

The first snowflakes are starting to fall and you’ve only just finished unpacking and taking trips to and from your storage unit. As delicate and lovely as the first snow fall may look, it can present a real challenge for unprepared snow trekkers. If you’re not weathered in the snow department and you’ve just moved to a snow-covered city, follow these simple tips to fare your first wintery winter.


Tire Chains


If snow and ice blanket your new city through the winter months, tire chains can become your best friends. Even if you have four-wheel drive, tire chains help your vehicle with traction on snowy and icy roads. To ensure the best fit, purchase the tire chain size matching your tire diameter and tread width.


Snow Shoes


Walking around in wet socks is a miserable experience. Prevent frozen feet and snow crusted socks with a durable pair of warm and waterproof snow boots. They may not be a fashion statement, but investing in a pair of quality snow boots will keep your piggies warm and dry through the winter.


Kitty Litter, Salt, and Sand


Stock up on kitty litter, sand, or salt to sprinkle on your porch, steps, drive way, and sidewalks to prevent slippery surfaces. Treating these areas with salt can cause ice to melt, while kitty litter and sand can help ice from forming in the first place. These solutions can also offer assistance, if your car wheels need traction on the road, so throw a pack in your trunk just in case.


Snow Scrapper


When you’re already late for work, the last thing you want to face is your car covered in ice. Unfortunately, an icy windshield is just one of Mother Nature’s winter gifts, so do yourself a favor and purchase a snow scrapper with a brush. Find a quality one, which won’t scratch your windows or paint, and then keep in it your back seat or trunk, so you always have it on hand. Keep a second one by your winter coat in case you can’t get your car door to open without using a de-icer.