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Moving Mistakes That Can Cost You Money

Moving can be a pricey endeavor, but there are some simple mistakes to avoid in order to keep costs low. You don’t want to go over budget because you accidentally broke something or didn’t want to search for it in your gang of boxes. Follow these tips for a cheaper move. 

Move with a Professional Moving Company 

Now, you’d like to think you can move everything by yourself, but sometimes it’s just better to hire a professional moving company. You don’t want to accidentally break expensive furniture, scuff your walls, or damage your door frames. Leave it to the professionals, and let Affordable Moves help you find a high-ranked company.

 Remove the Clutter before Your Move

 Moving every single thing from your old home to new home isn’t always the smartest or cheapest decision. You’re not going to need all your trinkets and spare junk in your new place, so don’t waste time packing it and spending more money on a larger moving truck or pod when you don’t actually need it.

 Pack a Basic Kit for Your First Few Days

 Unpacking boxes and packages takes time, so prepare yourself a basic kit for your first few days. Include some snacks, some clothes, and a few basic tools like a hammer and nails. You don’t want to have to run to the store and re-buy these items just because they’re all tucked away in boxes in your truck, pod, or storage unit.

 Don’t Move During Rush Hour

 Moving during rush hour will cost you more in gas and more precious time than you can afford. This is especially true if you’re paying per hour with a moving company. Try to move during off-hours for the cheapest and smoothest way to move to your new home.

 By following these tips you’ll have any easier time keeping track of your moving funds, and you won’t pay out of pocket for mistakes you shouldn’t have made in the first place.