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How to Host a Wine and Cheese Night in Your New Home

Now that you’re all unpacked and have sorted through what needs to be in storage and what needs to be out for decoration, you want to invite some friends over to celebrate. You’re considering hosting your first wine and cheese nigh, but what do you buy? How many cheeses, which cheeses, and what’s the difference between red and white wine? Here’s the 101 for a great little party with your new neighbors and friends.


Cheese, Please


When it comes to the cheese, you don’t just want variety in flavors, you also want variety in textures. You’ll usually want to choose at least three to four cheeses. Always make sure you serve at least one soft cheese, like brie, muenster, or boursin, and at least one hard cheese, like asiago, gruyere, or swiss. Semi-soft or semi-hard cheeses are also smart, such as cheddar, blue cheese, fontina, or gouda. Most guest like to see a few cheeses they recognize, along with one unexpected cheese to sample.


Time for Wine


You’ll want at least two bottles of wine for your get-together. White wines go best with soft cheeses, so choose a chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, or champagne. Hard cheeses go great with red wine and other liquors. Pick up some port, merlot, bardolino, or some dark beer and sangria to mix it up.


Crackers, Breads, and Fruits


Spruce up your cheese plate with plenty of goodies. Cut up thin baguettes slices or lay out crackers. Fruits, like grapes and strawberries add a pop of color to any cheese plate and pair well with most type of cheeses. Adding a little jam or honeycomb also helps with creating a beautiful presentation.


When it comes to wine and cheese, don’t forget to buy at least one cheese and wine you want to eat yourself, instead of going for what’s the most expensive. You like good old Monterrey Jack and two-buck Chuck, so go for it. Keep it classy, but keep it fun as well.