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From Pumpkins to Nutcrackers: How to Make a Smooth Holiday Transition

The holiday seasons can feel like a blur. It feels like you just put out your cornucopia display only for it to need replacing by your Christmas wreath. Don’t let the stress of transitioning from Thanksgiving to Christmas overwhelm you this year. Instead, make a few changes this holiday season and think ahead so you can enjoy more of the cheer and spend less time worrying about switching your pumpkin decorations to your Nutcracker display.


Mix and Match Colors


Thanksgiving colors don’t necessary have to be strictly oranges and browns, while Christmas colors aren’t always red and green. Create decorations which encompass reds, purples, and gold, as these shades and hues can easily pass for both November and December occasions. Simply add some sparkle, shimmer, and holly into your Thanksgiving center pieces or mantle decoration and you can easily transform your display from Turkey Day Number 1 to Turkey Day Number 2.


Storage Trips


Make a list before you take your first trip to the storage unit right before Thanksgiving. If you’re hosting Turkey Day at your house, of course you’ll need all your fine china and silverware from your unit, but also keep in mind what you may need for your December celebrations. Are you hosting Christmas dinner too? Will you need the “kids table” and extra dining room chairs? Think ahead and save yourself a second trip for those upcoming colorful lights and Santa decorations.


Bulk Purchases


If you’re in charge of cooking both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, create your menus now and make one big trip to the grocery store. While you may not be able to stock up on fresh veggies and perishable items to last you through the end of December, consider buying some of your groceries in bulk. You know you’ll need pumpkin pie ingredients, stuffing, and wine for both occasions, so why not pick it all up at once to save you time and money?