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Extra Uses for a Storage Unit during the Holidays

Well, let’s be honest: the holidays can get a little crazy. Between buying and hiding presents and jetting off to Grandma’s house, you can use a helping hand. Consider a storage unit to make your holidays a little easier. If you already have a unit, this is a great time to get some extra use out of it. And if you don’t use storage, these next few months are the perfect time to rent some extra space.


Santa’s Secret Cave


Chances are your kids have already scoped out your house looking for any hidden presents or hiding spots. Sometimes the tallest shelf in the pantry and the shoe box in the back of the closet just won’t work as well as you thought. Instead, try hiding those presents in your storage unit. Unless you kid has a driver’s license and a key, they’ll never find out what Santa brought until Christmas morning.


Clutter Central


If you have people coming over for the holidays, you’re going to need some extra space around the house. Pack up those extra clothes, knickknacks, and unused items into a few boxes and store it until after the holidays. Make your guests to feel like they have room to relax and spread out during their stay in your home.


Oh, Yeah, We Loved Your Gift from Last Year


Speaking of guests coming over…if you received any ugly or otherwise useless items for Christmas last year and you know your guests will want to see them when they arrive to your home, this is a good time to take them out of storage and display them lovingly.


Theft Protection


Your friends and family know you’re going out of town, and there’s a slim chance a robber might know it, too. Quiet, dark homes are targets for robbery

during the holidays; don’t let your home be one of them. Use a house sitter to turn on lights and music, open and close blinds, or opt for a timer. Alternatively play it extra safe and move all of your valuable items, like the TV and jewellery, to your storage unit until you return. Everything will be safe and sound and ready for your return upon your return.