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Cricket Chirps to Car Horns: How to Transition to City Living

If you’re packing your bags and moving to the city from the countryside, you’re likely in for a bit of a culture shock. Realize you’re trading the chirping sounds of crickets for honking car horns and starry skies for city lights. While a move to a concrete jungle is definitely exciting and thrilling, there are aspects of city life, which you may have to adjust to. Follow our few tips for transitioning from the cow-covered fields to pedestrian-packed streets.


Cancelling out Noise


The problem with a city that never sleeps is you eventually need some shut eye, and the city doesn’t always adhere to your sleep schedule. You might be used to the soothing sounds of nature serenading you to sleep, but the soundtrack of the city generally includes screeching cars and yelling pedestrians. To get the best night’s sleep while the city is still wide awake, invest in some ear plugs or white noise apps for your iPod or smart phone.


Public Transportation


If you’re riding public transportation, we suggest packing hand sanitizer and plenty of it. It’s also a good idea to pack a hard copy of the schedules and routes in your wallet or purse. Although some transportation systems now offer mobile apps and information online, if you’re underground you may not have connectivity. If you plan on commuting to work, we suggest doing a trial run in advance so you know your expected route ahead of time.


Don’t be Afraid of the Hole in the Wall


Strangely enough, oftentimes the shabbiest restaurant or take-out stop is the tastiest in town. Maybe it’s the owner’s down-to-earth approach or perhaps it’s because they simply focus more on food than décor, but don’t fear the shack on the corner serving up late-night jumbo slices of pizza. That slice of pizza could just be a slice of heaven. Indulge in these local hot spots, and you may just make a city friend or two along the way!