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Be Careful! How to Store Glass

Some occupations require frequent moves, and while families adapt to this lifestyle, their possessions often do not.

One home may be spacious, and the next may be scarcely larger than a small apartment. When this happens, storing rarely used items, such as china and crystal, is an excellent alternative to stumbling over walls of boxes.

Since it does not absorb odors nor attract pests, glassware is well-suited for storage. Conveniently, it also packs neatly into boxes. Even better, if you pack it correctly, glassware almost always “survives” a move intact. Here are some insider tips for packing glassware.

Start with the Right Box
Boxes matter. Since glassware is quite heavy and fragile, use very strong, small to medium boxes that are in good condition. Dish packs from moving companies are designed for glass. However, since they are large and heavy, use these sparingly.

Add Clean Newsprint
Purchase newsprint from a moving company since it is clean and plentiful. Lay the paper on a table and begin crumpling it. Place a generous layer of crumpled paper in the bottom of the box.

Pack in Order
Begin with heavy items like platters. Wrap these in two pieces of newsprint and place them on top of the cushion.

Wrap Your Glassware
To wrap glasses, lay one glass on the newsprint. Using the top sheet of paper, stuff the glass' mouth. Next, roll the glass until the piece of paper is used. Use two pieces for crystal. Place the glasses upright in the box and add more layer of cushioning.

To wrap plates, lay one plate on the newsprint and fold one piece of paper over it. Lay down another plate and fold a second piece of paper around both of them. Stand the plates on their side. Never pack them laying down.

Add More Newsprint
Add additional cushioning to the top of the box until it feels tight when you close it. To protect the contents, you must eliminate any “give.” Once, your box is tight, it will be safe until you are ready to use the glassware again.