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What Not to Store

The possibilities for a little extra space in our lives are limited only by our imagination. However, there are some items that should never be in your storage unit. Your storage agreement probably lists these items, but do you know why you cannot store them?

1. Your agreement stipulates that you cannot store combustible, flammable, hazardous, or toxic materials. The obvious issue is the introduction of a fire hazard. But the more immediate concern is leakage.

When you store gas, oil, and some paint, they will eventually leak — even in metal or approved plastic containers. Plastic bags surrounding the containers are no help since most chemicals will eat right through them.

Few people would knowingly store hazardous items. However, check any lawn and garden equipment that is going into the unit. Are all gas and oil tanks completely dry? Some attention now will prevent a puddle on the floor slowly creeping towards your valuables later.

2. Food obviously attracts bugs, rats, and other undesirable guests. But did you know that the smell will also permeate your belongings? You may enjoy herbal tea, but do you really want your favorite sofa smelling like Tension Tamer from now on?

3. Avoid storing your clothes in dresser drawers that are lined with old wallpaper or sticky shelf paper. While these are popular drawer liners, glue attracts pests, such as silverfish. For the same reason, try to avoid storing items in boxes that are glued rather than taped. You do not want to invite pests into your unit.

4. Your agreement says that you can only store the tires that are on a storage vehicle. In other words, you cannot fill a unit full of tires. This is because legally disposing of tires is very costly.

5. Pharmaceutical representative are welcome to store their samples in storage units. However, any radioactive medicine, or any device that has radioactive materials is not allowed.

Do a little research before you decide what to put into your unit, and you will be pleased with your possessions rather than disappointed in their condition when you retrieve them later.