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Stay Organized and Know the Contents of Your Storage Unit

Have you ever gone to the store, bought something, and shortly after making the purchase found out that you already had that identical item at home? Disorganization prevented you from being able to put your hands on the item when you needed it? This is just one scenario where disorganization can cost you. Without organization and documentation, you can easily forget some of the things you have placed in a storage unit. It can be to your financial advantage to keep a record of what you have in storage.

Whether you are renting a storage unit to store items you do not have space for at home or items you aren't taking with you on a temporary move, it's very important to make a list of the items you are storing. One of the easiest ways to keep up with what you are storing is to make a list of the items as you pack them in the containers you plan to store them in. You can save yourself a lot of money and frustration by placing a content label on each box you pack.

You might want to make a content label and copy it before attaching it to the box. Keep the copy in a folder at home so that you can easily check the list before you spend a considerable amount of time searching for something only to find out it's in the storage unit.

To make it even easier to locate a specific item you have in storage, you can assign a number to each box, and attach it along with the content label to the outside of the box. Again, make sure you have a copy of the content label and the number on the box. That way, when you get to the unit, all you have to do is look for the box number that has the item you want in it.

You won't find yourself buying something you already have or spending money to avoid an intensive search for something you have packed away if you can easily and quickly find what you need. Developing a habit of being organized can actually be a money saving habit.