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Preventing Theft

Self storage facilities are extremely useful when you have an overflow of belongings, that child who is heading off to college, or you've acquired items belonging to another family member. Whatever the reason, when there isn't room at home, a storage facility has the additional space you need. However, you need to be cautious in order to avoid the possibility of theft.

First, do your homework. Research the storage companies available in the area. Avoid remote units that are in isolated areas with no type of fencing or any additional security. Choose a facility that is well-lit and is monitored by cameras and an alarm system. In addition, choose a facility that only allows access with a key or code at the gate. If you are fortunate, you may find a storage business that actually has someone on duty at all hours to oversee the property.

In regards to your own unit, take extra measures of your own to secure your belongings. Purchase an excellent lock. Disc locks are considered to be the best. When packing your unit, use some savvy. Pack everything possible in boxes that are uniform and will not give away the contents. Rather than write the name of the contents on the box, use a coded system. For example, you might number your boxes and keep a list of what is inside each. Thieves want it to be quick and easy. When you don't label your boxes clearly, you'll make life more difficult for them. If you have to pack something valuable, hide it beneath and behind the items of less importance.

Be sure to clearly inventory your items. You may even want to take pictures, especially of those that are costly or have great, sentimental value. You should also take out insurance to cover the items in your unit. You may be able to purchase insurance from the storage unit company itself or look to other sources. In the event there is a theft, you'll be compensated. Check your unit often to make sure everything is in place. Remove items when you are able.