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Moisture-Free Storage Solutions for Humid Climates

If you are moving someplace with a warm, humid climate, you are probably thanking your lucky stars. No more snow, no more cold, no more blustery weather. While living someplace that feels like the tropics has many advantages, you need to remember one thing. You want to make sure you take extra steps to protect your belongings in storage. Otherwise, you'll be facing mold, mildew, and potential disaster.

You have several options when it comes to keeping your belongings safe from damage due to dampness. Whether you use a storage unit, your basement, the garage, shed, or attic, take a few steps to make sure your valuables are protected. Begin by storing items in containers that cannot be affected by water, such as plastic totes. If you are storing photo albums and pictures in frames, take an additional step and wrap them in zip-lock plastic bags. Use Damp Rid in any storage location to absorb moisture. You can also run a de-humidifier for any location that has access to an electrical outlet. Furniture items can be wrapped carefully in plastic for additional protection. Keep your belongings off the floor and store them on shelves or racks away from any places where moisture tends to collect.

Remember that you should not place anything up against the wall. Leave space for air to move, avoiding condensation on your items. If you do use a storage unit, or even in your shed, you could lay out tarps on the floor for added protection against moisture that is absorbed from the ground. Wooden pallets are an excellent way to keep things off the floor as well. They work in basements where it tends to be moist, especially in a humid climate.

If you're storing items in your own home in a warm, moist location, your best protection will be air conditioning to maintain a pleasant environment. If you do not have the luxury of air conditioning, use a combination of fans and dehumidifiers to encourage good circulation. You'll avoid a build-up of moisture and all of the damage that can come with it.