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How to Store Sensitive Items

Some household items are a little more high-maintenance than others. Unlike high-maintenance people, however, they do not strut about, constantly sharing their opinions. This quietness makes it difficult to remember which items need a little extra care when they are being stored. Here is a partial list of possessions that need a little extra attention. If you have other items that seem high-maintenance, a quick Google search is in order before you pack them.

• Vinyl records have that authentic sound that many people covet. Unless they are stored correctly, however, you can lose every note. Make sure to store records horizontally with a little space to “breathe.” Store in a climate-controlled unit so they avoid extreme temperatures, moisture and light.

• Wine is very particular and likes to stay in a cool, dark place that is free form excess vibration. Some storage facilities specialize in wine storage. If your collection is large, this is a good investment.

• Your clothing is high maintenance when it is left alone for a long time. Most clothes would rather be hung, but you must avoid hangers that can rust. In addition, store clothes with some room between them so that they may "breathe." Otherwise you may find some mold growth.

• Silver should be as tightly sealed as possible. Include an anti-tarnish strip or special silver storage cloths. These items are infused with charcoal to absorb harmful elements. Never store silver in newspapers, wool or latex. These emit sulfur, which tarnishes silver.

• Leather needs to be conditioned so that it does not dry out. Follow instructions carefully because mold is another enemy of leather. Cover leather jackets with a soft cloth to protect them from dust and dirt, but do not use plastic since leather needs to "breathe."

• Waterbeds should be drained and treated with chemicals that prevent bacterial growth.

Some of your possessions may need a little extra attention before heading into storage. The nature of the long storage experience may make a simple item, like clothing, high-maintenance. Think about the implications of long-term storage before you pack. You will be glad you did.