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How to Safely Store Your Vehicle

If you want to safely store your vehicle, you need to make sure you prepare it to be stored and that you find a trustworthy facility. Affordable Moves can help you find a storage facility for your vehicle. You want to know your vehicle will still be in good condition whenever you get it out of storage.

To begin with, you should try to find an indoor climate controlled storage unit for your vehicle. The sun can fade the exterior paint of your car as well as be aggressive and damaging to the interior over time. You want to make sure your vehicle stays out of the sunlight and varying weather conditions, if possible. You also don’t want your vehicle to have to deal with extreme temperature changes.  A climate controlled unit can make sure your vehicle stays at a comfortable temperature throughout - even if the temperature drop to below zero outside.

You should clean and wax your vehicle before you put it into storage so continues to look good. You will want to clean the inside of your car out and make sure you do not leave any food in the vehicle. Mice, rats, and insects are attracted to it. You certainly don’t want them to make a home in your vehicle.

If you plan on leaving your car in storage for a while, be sure and take out the battery. You should also add a gasoline stabilizer to your tank. You want to make sure your vehicle will start up when you come back to drive it.

Be sure you choose a reputable storage facility for your vehicle in. There should be security lights and surveillance offered. You should be the only person with a key to your unit, too. You want to have peace of mind your vehicle is going to stay safe while in storage.