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How to Safely Store Furniture Indefinitely

There are going to be times when you need to put furniture into storage. You may have inherited a household full of treasures. Your children may head off to another state and ask you to hold onto things. Perhaps there is that old favorite that has sentimental value. Whatever the reason that furniture is going into storage and you want to take care of everything to ensure it will maintain its proper condition.

If you decide to go with a storage unit, do your homework. Find a facilty that has clean, well-maintained grounds and security measures in place. Don't pick someplace in an isolated location with a strip of units that are ripe for the taking. Take a look inside the unit to make sure there is no water damage. You will want to lay plastic sheets or tarps on the floor to protect items from the moisture that accumulates on the ground through condensation. It is also wise to use wooden pallets to keep your furniture off the ground. If you are really fortunate, you'll find a facility that is climate-controlled, protecting your furniture from humidity. You can also place Damprid in your unit to absorb moisture.

Disassemble anything possible. Apply wax to your wooden items to protect them and wrap them in a quilt or cloth for padding to avoid scratching. When it comes to sofas and chairs, have them cleaned before they go into a unit. You can wrap them in blankets or furniture pads as well. Use cardboard and padding with glass.

If you are trying to save money by storing items at home, use many of the same measures to protect your furniture. When storing items in the basement, be sure to use wooden pallets on the floor. You can also put a dehumidifier in the basement to keep the conditions dry. When using the attic, you may find you have to actually use a humidifier if it is extremely dry in order to avoid warping of some of your fine, wooden items. Always wrap your pieces with care and be careful how you stack things.