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How Did All that Stuff Fit in Your Dorm Room?

Sweet freedom! It's time for summer break and you are on the way home. There's only one problem. You need to find a place for the mountain of stuff in your dorm room. You have no idea how you accumulated so much, there's no way it's fitting in your econcomy-sized car, and you can't leave it behind. What do you do?

Don't sweat the small stuff. Inquire around campus. Some colleges actually offer a storage area for a reasonable fee. If they don't, you could even see if the people in charge would actually be interested in offering such a service. Empty classrooms and office space are perfect. Why not give the college an opportunity to make a little money from their unused space?

If you don't have any luck on campus, check out the storage facilities in the area. Shop around and compare quotes. Find the best deal, make sure the grounds are well-kept, and that there is good security in place. You're only going to need to store your items for a few months. The cost should not be unreasonable.

If storage won't work, you can always ask around. You might find a classmate or professor who has some extra room. Check the bulletin boards on campus. You won't believe how many people are trying to make a buck in any way they can. If you do take advantage of someone who lives in the area, be sure it is someone you can trust.

When you do store items, be selective. Your most valuable, sentimental items should go home with you for the summer months. There's no need to take unnecessary risks. Box up as much as you can. Have a system to labeling your boxes that will not make it so you can easily find what’s in which box when the summer break is over and you’re moving back to school.

If worst comes to worst, you can bring it home again. Rally together some of your friends for a road trip. Make sure it's worthwhile with a pizza party at the end or at least pay everyone for their travel expenses along the way. Think about whittling down your pile for your return as you certainly will accumulate more stuff during your new school year.