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Hey, Mom and Dad, College Was Great. Why Is the Treadmill in My Room?

Although it is nice to believe that parents want to keep their children's bedrooms like a shrine when they go off to college, this is not always the case. Many parents cannot wait to take over their children's room and turn it into an exercise room or something else that they have been dreaming of for years. Since students often purchase a new bed or futon for their dorm room when they go off to college, they need to figure out where to put it until a new school year begins. Your parents’ house may be too far from campus to lug it all back. Homes may not have enough room to hold all of the belongings that a college student has acquired over the year, but a good storage unit will be able to hold it all with ease. Instead of cluttering up mom and dad's house again, a storage unit can be an excellent alternative.

Storing items can have other benefits too. If students want to do some traveling over the summer such as going to the beach or mountains, they will not have to drag all of their dorm room furniture and belongings with them on vacation. Affordable Moves can help students find storage facilities wherever they need them. Students want their belongings to stay safe during summer break. Instead of carrying everything around with them, storing items in a professional storage facility can be a great way for students to make sure that nothing important gets lost or stolen. Not many students are going to want to tote their heavy furniture around everywhere that they go - especially if they are visiting different friends and family members or traveling to fun vacation spots.

Storage units come in all sizes. Students can choose climate-controlled options or regular self-storage units. Many storage facilities also offer security features such as surveillance cameras, fences, private locks, and exterior lighting. Security guards or managers may also be on duty during certain hours at some storage facilities. There are many good storage buildings available where students can store their items safely until it’s back to school time.