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Downsizing: Keep it, Store it, or Donate it

As you prepare for the process of downsizing, it's important that you keep in mind one of the wonderful benefits of downsizing is the opportunity it presents for simplified living. Living simply can greatly reduce the amount of time you have to dedicate to housekeeping, lawn care, and various other mundane chores. Let the anticipation of this new freedom guide you through the process of deciding what to keep, store, or donate.

Among the things you may want to keep is furniture you can use in your new home as well as clothing and wardrobe accessories you still plan to wear. Linens, towels, and decorative items should be kept in limited amounts. Carefully select the tangible memories you want to take to your new home. You probably will not have as much space to display family photos so you may have to store some of them.

As you sort through years of accumulated possessions, there may be some things you are indecisive about. Climate controlled storage units can provide secure storage for those items you are not quite ready to give away or for things you want to pass on to your children and grandchildren when they have space for them.

The items you plan to donate may be your largest grouping. In keeping with that newly anticipated simplistic lifestyle, you can donate those large pots and pans you used for family meals. Cooking for one or two does not require large, heavy pots. You may also be able to reduce your collection of dishes and small kitchen appliances. Moving from a multi-bedroom and multi-bathroom house to a one or two bedroom and bathroom home gives you the opportunity to reduce your collection of bedding, towels and bathroom accessories.

Your new simplified lifestyle means your outdoor maintenance tasks will be greatly reduced. You can happily donate your lawn and garden equipment knowing that you will now have time for more enjoyable and relaxing hobbies. You might want to keep a few small gardening tools so you can have a patio garden at your new home.