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Condo Living: Carefree Lifestyle, No Room For My Boat

One of the biggest perks to condo living is the maintenance free lifestyle it provides. When the weekend rolls around or summer vacation arrives, you don't have to spend your time mowing the lawn, trimming shrubs or doing mundane exterior touch-ups and repairs on your home. That marvellous freedom leaves you time to enjoy a multitude of leisure activities.

However, as with most things in life, there is a bit of a trade off involved with the advantages of condo living. The absence of outdoor space means you have nowhere to park recreational equipment such as a boat or RV. If you don't have garage space or basement space, you probably don't have anywhere to store some of the winter and summer sports equipment you need for weekend fun either.

Don't worry. You can have your condo and your fun too. What you can do is find a storage facility in your area that offers parking for boats and RVs. Rent a space there and that spot can be the first stop on your weekend or holiday adventure.

As for needing a place for the motorcycle or bike you love to ride on the weekend or the skis you want access to when winter arrives, you can rent a storage unit for those. Finding a storage facility near you makes it convenient to drive right over, jump on your bike or grab whatever items you need for the day's activities and let the fun begin.

If maintenance free living was a drawing card for you when you purchased your condo, you must have intended to do something fun with your extra free time. By utilizing the services of a storage facility that provides boat and RV parking and storage units for your recreational items, you will have a place to put the things that allow your free spirit to soar so you can enjoy every moment of your treasured leisure time.