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Summer Break, Must Empty Dorm Room, Need Storage

Summer break from college is the best. There is only one problem: finding a place for your stuff. You can pack up the car and lug it all home again or you can look for other options to save you the trouble.

One of the easiest solutions is to rent a storage unit for the summer. You're only talking about two or three months. It won't hurt your budget that much and you'll have everything nearby when you are headed back to class. Do your homework and you might find some good deals with facilities that are offering special promotions to college students in the area.

If you're not up for the expense of a storage unit, another option is to find a friend who is staying for the summer months. You would be surprised at how many students take summer session classes. You also could seek out the hospitality of any classmates that have an apartment in the area. They might have room to store your items until it's time to come back in the fall. Get ready to offer a favor in exchange or some money in appreciation when someone lends a hand.

Have any family in town? If you are fortunate enough to have relatives in the area, they might be your saving grace. Check back at home and find out if there are any distant relatives or old acquaintances that might be able to spare a little room. Fortunately, you won't have that much to leave behind since college dorms are usually pretty tight.

If all else falls, inquire at the college. Your resident assistant may know about storage options that are provided by the school. Sometimes, there could be basements, attics, empty classrooms, or unused office space that is up for grabs. Those in charge may be more than willing to make some extra money to defray the costs of running an educational institution. If the school does not already provide any storage options, suggest the possibility. Officials may decide to make good on the opportunity. Start a petition and see what happens!