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Starting Over After a Divorce, But Still Hanging On

Divorce can be an emotionally difficult experience regardless of the circumstances that led to the divorce. Moving forward with your life may involve moving to another place. If so, that probably means you're going to have to make some decisions regarding what to take with you. If you will be staying at the place where you and your spouse lived, you probably need to have a serious clearing and purging to remove items with negative connotations.

Once you begin preparing for a move or clearing out items that remind you of what you are trying to forget, the process may be more emotionally stressful than you imagined it could be. If you're moving, find a storage facility nearby so you can store some of those questionable items until your emotions have time to settle. That way you won't experience regret due to hasty decisions.

If you are staying in the home you shared with the person you are now divorced from, you can have a storage container delivered to your property. You can then remove the things from your house that stir unpleasant or angry thoughts. There will probably be some things you prefer to have out of sight, yet are not quite ready to give up.

As time passes you will be able to make decisions based more on logic than emotion. After waiting for a period of time that feels right to you, go back through the items you stored. You will probably find it much easier to release a lot of those things. You may decide to re-purpose some things so they fit your current lifestyle rather than remind you of your past.

After going through your storage unit, a big yard sale may be the next item on your list of things to do. You can use the money from the sale to go out and celebrate your new found feeling of freedom. You should congratulate yourself for the smart move you made in storing questionable items until the time was right for a firm decision.