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Retired...Sold House...Bought RV...Need Storage

Congratulations! You've reached the golden years, you're retired, and ready to hit the road. It's time to see all that this nation has to offer and a new RV is the perfect way to go. The house is sold and a great adventure awaits you. There's only one problem. What are you going to do with all of your stuff?

It's amazing how much is accumulated in a lifetime, especially if you have lived in one place for a considerable amount of time. Your mountain of belongings may be overwhelming. However, there are ways to whittle it down and make the whole thing more manageable.

First, take a good look at what you have and decide what is essential. If you plan on ending your RV trip at some point to set up house again, you'll need furniture and some of your favorite items, such as those with sentimental value. Now it's time to divvy up the rest. Some can go to a garage sale. Other belongings can be donated to charity. There's sure to be a pile of freebies to hit the curb. You may have valuables you want to give to friends and family. In the end, you could have a dramatically reduced collection of belongings.

Once you've cut your pile down to size, you need a place for the rest. You may be fortunate and have good friends or relatives who have a barn or extra space that can absorb your items until you're return. However, if this is not the case, there are plenty of storage facilities that will be able to assist you. Storage facilities vary. Some have only offer units in one size. Such a location may mean you will need more than one unit to effectively store all of your belongings. Other companies offer a range of units to suit the needs of the customer. If you're fortunate, you'll find a location that has the right fit. You'll also want to choose a facility that has security measures in place, providing you with peace of mind about your belongings while you are away.